tn-test01 Outstanding! The Big Bear was my second motorcycle ever owned. Although I didn’t have the original to restore, you found one to restore and it turned out better than expected. Brings back so many memories of days gone by – If only my original looked this good! I will be showing the Big Bear here in Sacramento at various motorcycle events. Be well, John Markley (Sacramento, CA)
tn-test02 Damon, I was blown away when I first saw the bike after it arrived. The paint, chrome and finish are exceptional. And talk about fun to ride! It’s nice to know the mechanicals work as good as the cosmetics look. I appreciate you working with me throughout the restoration to build exactly the bike I had in mind. I couldn’t be happier with the bike. I would certainly enjoy working with you again in the future. Thanks for everything and best regards, John LeBlanc
tn-test03 Damon, Thanks for the total restoration. This bike was hopeless before you got your hands on it. I can’t believe how nice it turned out. You pay attention to every detail and it pays off. I won 2nd place in the Vintage Japanese bikes at the 2006 El Camino Vintage Motorcycle Show in Torrance, CA. Everyone loved the bike. This one is headed to Utah as a present to my dad so I will definitely need your services on another bike that I can enjoy. Take care, Don Quayle (Costa Mesa, CA)
tn-test04 Mr. Graddy, Got the bike this afternoon and I am extremely satisfied overall. It is a great restoration Damon, you do really nice work. I personally can tell how much patience and passion go into the finished product. I’m kinda anal about my restorations. If I miss one item, one bolt it bugs me until it’s done. I just left you a GREAT feedback, it was my pleasure to have come to know you, strangely enough, without actually meeting you and my good fortune to have bought your cherished YM1. If it ever quits raining I will take her out for a ride and report back. Thank you for doing me right, stay in touch, Don
tn-test05 I received my Best of Show award this weekend from the CJMC Auburn, CA event in July.

Attached is the picture. Let me know if this is too big a picture. I used the close up feature on my camera.

Thanks for a great restoration that brings such high praise wherever I show it.


Site Visitor Response Thank you for your web site, i am french 50 kilometers from Paris, and in 1968 a friend of mine owned a Yamaha YDS 3 red and a white tank such as the picture where you are, but with a much more big head light.

And one day, this friend lent me his bike to get my licence for driving motorcycle.

The sound of this bike is in my head for ever.

Please excuse my english

I don’t know where you are from, but thank you for all


818-522-9274 or 818 222 6704


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