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Does your seat foam look like this?
New seat foams are now available!

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Vintage2stroke seat foam for yds3 or ym1 Yamahas is made from the finest modern foam available. It is cast molded from a copy of an original seat foam.

Much better than a seat foam made of cut up pieces. Yamaha yds3 and ym1 seat foam was made in a mold. Don’t go cheap on your yds3 project.

The ym1 305 used the same foam too. yds5 and yr1 models did use a similar seat foam but with a slightly rounder back. This Yamaha yds3 seat foam can be modified to fit the yds5 or yr1 Yamaha.

The seat cover itself can be had through various sources like Ebay or have one made by a competent upholsterer. The essential is having the molded foam.



YDS3 LENS                                     YR1 LENS

Is your Yamaha Autolube level lens cracked or yellowed to the point you cant see the oil level? Replace with our crystal clear lens.

Yamaha 137-21764-00 Autolube tank level eye. For models Yds3, Ym1, Yds5, Ym2c, Ym1. $20 each plus shipping

Yamaha 126-21764-00 Autolube tank level Eye for the Yr1, Yr2, Yr3 350cc. $20.00 each plus shipping.

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